Step-by-Step BioProof-ID™ (Article)

Step-by-Step BioProof-ID™ (Article)

The steps to go through an electronic photo-ID check with a mobile device, as part of the BioSig-ID™ enrollment process are as follows.

Step 1:  Enroll your BioSig-ID

Launch the enrollment process for BioSig-ID™ to get to this screen.
Next select the device that will be use.
After each step click the next button to continue.

Read and confirm the step-by-step guide, then write your 4 character BioSig-ID password.

Step 3:
The first password is always accepted. Do your best to replicate how you wrote your password on the first attempt.

IMPORTANT:  If you are having a difficult time writing the same characters again try using the `Restart` button to start over. If you are struggling to draw curved shapes we recommend characters like `X` or `7`. Remember it's how you write that matters, not what it looks like. Your lines do not need to look identical.

Step 4:
To complete create a proper biometric profile write your password a third time

Step 5: Enroll your Click-ID

Now it is time to create a secondary profile with Click-ID™.
Review the instructions.

Step 6:
This is not an actual keyboard, but an image of one to make it easier to remember what points you click on.
You can use the same password as your BioSig-ID, or something new.
Remember where you click matters

Step 7:
The first step is always accepted and now it is important to create it again as close as possible

Step 8:
 Once more enter your  Click-ID™.

Step 9: Transfer to your phone

This now brings us to the BioProof-ID™ step to allow electronic verification of your photo-id.
You can either enter a text-message-capable phone number or scan the QR code on your mobile device.

Step 10:
Pick your transfer method.
Via Text Message- the message is sent to the number you provide. Click the link in the text message to continue.
If you do not want to provide a phone number you can use the QR option.
    On Your Computer
    On Your Mobile Device

Via QR Code- Use your installed QR scanner or download one from the app store to scan the code on your screen.

You can click the QR code to enlarge its size for easier scanning.
    On Your Computer

    On Your Mobile Device

Step 11:
After your transfer to your mobile device carefully read the terms. When you are ready to agree hit start. If you do not agree, do not continue.  (w/camera), click Start.

Please visit our Privacy Policy for more information about how your images are stored and used.
Keep the BioSig-ID window open on your computer.
    On Your Computer
    On Your Mobile Device

Step 12: Choose your Document

Next choose either state-issued driver’s license/identification, or passport.
    On Your Computer
    On Your Mobile Device

Step 13:  Submit your images

For this example, we will use a driver’s license.
Touch the box that states "Tap to add the FRONT of your document".
If you need to retake the image any of the following images, click Retry.

Click Proceed when you are happy with the following images.

    On Your Computer
    On Your Mobile Device

Step 14:
Touch "Tap to add the BACK of your document" to photograph the back of your license.
Images on the computer screen will reflect each step completed.
On Your Computer
On Your Mobile Device

Step 15:
Next, you will be asked to take a selfie.
Touch‘ Take Selfie ’ to capture the selfie.
    On Your Computer
    On Your Mobile Device

Step 16: Validate BioSig-ID to Complete

Draw the BioSig-ID password you created one final time and click the ` Validate ` to continue.
This ends the process and you are now presented with a button to return back to the system you started in before the BioSig-ID™ enrollment (for example Blackboard).

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