Drawpad not loading (McAfee® WebAdvisor interference)

Drawpad not loading (McAfee® WebAdvisor interference)

The McAfee® WebAdvisor browser extension interferes with BioSig-ID™ functionality.

Visually it may look like:

  1.       Biosig-ID drawpad with lines missing, missing boxes, or unloaded draw pad.
McAfee® WebAdvisor corrupting drawpad

  1. Error Message: Forbidden, You Cannot Access this page Directly.
McAfee Error Forbidden, you cannot access this page directly.

  1. Device Option blank leading to forbidden message when clicked.
BioSig-ID Drawpad missing device names.

There will also be a Development Console errors:
McAfee® Webadvisor interference - console errors


Temporarily disable the faulty McAfee® WebAdvisor.
If an update is available we recommend downloading it as it might resolves the issue.

1. Click on the three dots on the upper right corner inside the browser.

2. Then, click Extension, then Manage Extensions.

3. From there, disable McAfee WebAdvisor, useing the 'slider'.

4. Exit the extension manager, and reload the browser tab with BioSig-ID. Functionality should now be restored.

McAfee® WebAdvisor disabled now loads BioSig-ID™ drawpad correct

We are working to reproduce this inside a developer VM for an automated solution to avoid this conflict.
This will also involve contacting McAfee® to fix their broken extension, and to notify Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Mozilla that they might wish to block the McAfee® WebAdvisor in their browser extension stores as it is breaking internet functionality through deep-packet manipulation.

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