Hardened Enrollment Requirements

Hardened Enrollment Requirements

Hardened Enrollment Requirements

Your institution has decided that over-simplified passwords are no longer accepted. This change will ensure your password is secure, improve system security, and prevent unauthorized log in attempts. To comply with these new requirements, users will be required to pick unique characters that do not share similar strokes.

Password requirements:

  • Minimum of 4 characters or digits
  • Letters or numbers cannot be repeated nor be similar in shape

If you receive the message below you have drawn an over-simplified password:

Examples of over-simplified passwords that are no longer allowed:
  1. XXXX
  2. 1212
  3. l - l -
  4. 1117
  5. LLLL
  6. \/\/


Do not use more than one set of repeating stokes.
Example: 4444, I7I7, TI7T
Be aware that some characters contain shared stokes.
Example: 1, T, and +, all share a similar vertical stokes.
A password that looks valid for these new rules, but will fail due to shared strokes: TIME


Do try curved shapes. Curved characters rarely share strokes with any other character.
Example: 3, S, 6, 5, and J.
If you are struggling to draw curved shapes try characters such as 1, 4, 7, /, , \, , <, >, L, N, T, V, Y, and Z.


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