How to Capture photo-ID and Selfie

How to Capture photo-ID and Selfie

Do not close or refresh the BioSig-IDâ„¢ page on your computer or on your mobile device. Here are some tips for completing the process:

Capturing Your photo-ID:

  • Place your document on a flat surface with an even background.
  • Take the picture at a distance of approximately 4 inches.
  • Match the orientation of your document to the orientation of the phone.
    • Example:  Document in landscape mode, hold your phone in landscape mode
    • Example:  Document in portrait mode, hold your phone in portrait mode
  • Use the onscreen guides to frame your document, fill up the entire screen on your mobile device allowing all four corners to show.
  • The only thing in the frame should be the document and a border as shown below.  Retry capturing the photo if the desk/edge of desk or other objects are in the photo.
  • Avoid using your flash and make sure the photo is in good focus.


 When taking the Selfie:

  • Phone should be in Portrait mode.
  • Avoid bright lights behind you.
  • Do not pose (no angles or duckfaces), take the photo straight on.
  • Do not wear a hat, sunglasses, scarf or any item that may obstruct the facial recognition process.
  • Try to resemble the photo on your ID as much as possible.

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