Internet Stability

Internet Stability


Before beginning your BioSight-ID session you should make sure that your internet connection is reliable.
The following Internet testing website is not owned or operated by BioSig-ID. By visiting these website you are navigating away from Proceed at your own risk.
BioSig-ID does not recommend downloading and files from, or clicking on ads from these sites.

External website to test for stable internet

The `Ping` feature at the website can be used to test the stability of your internet connection.
  1. Click "START" to begin the test.
  2. The test can run unattended. Pay attention to the following values after running the test for at least 2 minutes.
    1. Fail count greater than 0
    2. Max time greater than 500ms

Resolving internet instability

If you are on an unstable WiFi connection we recommend making a hard wired connection to your network via Ethernet cable.
  1.       A USB adapter might be required if your device lacks an Ethernet port.
If this does not improve your internet connection you will need to pursue support from your network administrator.

If you are still unable to maintain a consistent connection you should seek an alternative location for testing such as school computer lab, or public library.

 What if i don't know my network admin? If you are at school or work, contact your institutions IT department. If this is your home network, this will be the tech savvy member of your household. The support department from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) might also be useful.

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