Reset BioSig-ID Password

Reset BioSig-ID Password

Step 1. If you fail to validate your BioSig-ID™ Password 3 times in a row, and cannot recall your Click-ID™, you can click on the @email button on the BioSig-ID page within your course.

IMPORTANT : If your email address is not listed on the button you must reach out directly to your institution.

Step 2. BioSig-ID will then send a security code to your email address. You must keep this window open. Your security code will only be valid for 60 minutes. Make sure you check your junk/spam folder.

IMPORTANT :  Do not close the BioSig-ID page.

Step 3. Go check your email for a message from .  Copy the security code.

Step 4. Return to the BioSig-ID page and enter your security code. Be sure not to include any extra spaces or characters.

Step 5. When your security code is entered you will be permitted to enroll a new BioSig-ID password. If you struggle to enroll your new password please visit our Step by Step enrollment article.

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