Technical Requirements for Users

Technical Requirements for Users

Biometric Signature ID works on a wide variety of operating systems, browsers and devices. The following lists the currently supported system requirements for end-users.

If you do not have the basic requirements on the system you are trying to use, you will not be able to create a profile. Please find another system that meets the requirements or if you are not able to do this, please contact the institution that requested you create a BioSig-ID profile.

Supported Operating Systems:

Any OS that can run a W3C HTML5 compliant browser

  • Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11
  • Apple macOS  11.1+ (Big Sur)
  • Apple iOS 13+
  • Google ChromeOS on Chromebooks 2019+
  • Ubuntu Linux 12+
  • Android 2.1+

 Supported Browsers:

Any W3C HTML5 compliant browser (Evergreen current, and previous version)

Has been tested to work on:
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8+ (soon to be EOL)
  • Microsoft Edge any version with with Chromium engine (as well as EdgeHTML engine)
  • Mozilla Firefox 3+
  • Google Chrome 4+
  • Apple Safari 6+
  • Opera 9+

 Supported Input Methods:

Any input method that allows the user to draw and select

  • Mouse
  • Stylus
  • Touchpad
  • Touchscreen
Optional: Additional hardware requirements for BioProof-ID™ government ID and selfie verification:
  1. Mobile device with high-resolution camera
Optional: Recommended minimum hardware requirements for BioSight-ID™ exam monitoring:
  1. System not older than 5-years when possible
  2. 2GHz processor or faster
  3. 1GB free memory or greater
  4. 20GB free storage space or greater
  5. 256kbps Internet connection or faster
  6. 1024×768 or greater resolution monitor
  7. Videocard with modern WebGL support
  8. Webcam and microphone

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