Stuck on Congratulations Message - Browser Assist

Stuck on Congratulations Message - Browser Assist

Browser Assist malware presents itself commonly by displaying a successful congratulations message.
The user is unable to continue on to course content as they are never redirected, because of interference by the virus.

Message: "Congratulations! Enrollment is complete. Your passwords have been locked in."
Browser Assist trojan virus message on error
 To remove "Browser Assist" please follow these steps:
  1. Locate the Start button in the bottom left corner of Windows
  2. Right click and choose Apps and Features (Win 10) or Installed Apps (Win 11)
  3. Search for Browser Assistant
  4. Uninstall Browser Assistant
Once this is removed you should be able to validate successfully to continue on in course content.
if you find Browser Assist does not uninstall using the method above please try this tool:

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