Changing or Adding Devices

Changing or Adding Devices

From time to time you may need to enroll a new device.  For example, if you use a mouse at work and a touchpad at home you may need to set up two devices.  This article will walk you through the steps to set up a new device. 

Step 1 - From the BioSig-ID™ Drawing Pad click Change Device


Step 2 - Choose a new device in the Enroll New Device Area

Note:  If you use a mouse and work and want to enroll a mouse for home, you may select any of the profiles such as a Stylus to use for the second mouse.


Step 3 - Click Next


Step 4 - Click or touch the Click-ID™ password you created, then click Validate

Note: See below if you cannot recall your Click-ID™ password


Step 5 - After entering your Click-ID™ you will then be able to enroll a new device.


Tip: Use the same password and Click-ID™ across all devices so that it is easy to remember.

What if I cannot recall my Click-ID? 

If you do not recall your Click-ID™ password you will need to request a complete password reset.  Click the @email to receive a password reset token via your email address on file.


Next, you will see the instructions informing you of the steps to redeem the email token.


Look in your email (be sure to check junk or spam folders) for an email from [email protected].  Follow the directions in the email and on the BioSig-ID™ page.


After you click the link in the email you will get this message in a new window. Click Close this window and return to the BioSig-ID™ page. This may be located in a different tab within your browser.


Proceed through the steps to enroll a new BioSig-ID password for your original device.


Return to Step 1 to add a new device. 




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