Safe Exam Browser

Safe Exam Browser

What is the Safe Exam Browser (SEB)?

The Safe Exam Browser is a customized web browser, available for  Windows (7, 8.x, 10, 11), macOS (11.1 or newer), and iOS (9.3.5 or newer). Chromebooks are currently not supported by SEB. The application must be downloaded and installed on the device that you use to attempt your quiz.
  1. You will only be able to attempt the quiz if they are using Safe Exam Browser.
  2. The browser window won't have a URL or search field and back/forward navigation and reload can be disabled.
  3.  Safe Exam Browser cannot be closed until the quiz is submitted.
  4. Switching to other applications is disabled by default.
  5. Shortcut keys such as Win+Tab, Alt+Tab, Ctrl+Alt+Del, Alt+F4, Print Screen, Cmd+Tab are disabled.
  6. Taking screen shots is disabled.
  7. The clipboard (copy/paste) is cleared when starting and quitting Safe Exam Browser.
  8. The browser context menu (right click menu) is disabled.
  9. Your teacher may allow specific web sites to be accessible during an exam.
  10. Spell checking and dictionary lookup may be disabled.

Step 1: Locate

Locate the test inside your schools Learning Management System (LMS).

Step 2: Launch

If you encounter a requirement for SEB the following screen will be presented:
Launch Safe Exam Browser
  1. Click the "Launch Safe Exam Browser (SEB)" button.
If SEB is not detected you will be provided with a link to download SEB.
    1. Download and install SEB before trying again.
    2. Apple users must update macOS to version 11.1 or higher to avoid SEB errors.
SEB not detected

Step 3: Permission

Provide permission to open the SEB link.
Allow site to open SEB link

Step 4: LMS

SEB will launch and ask you to log in to your institutions LMS. Once signed in you will navigate back to your test and begin.

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